Models of Cloud Computing
March 21, 2018
Hybrid cloud: the best fit for the changing world of IT
March 27, 2018

Types of Cloud Computing

You will discover 3 fundamental deployment types of cloud computing; open public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is where services and structure are hosted off-site by a cloud provider, distributed across their client foundation and accessed by these clients via public systems including the internet. Public an incredibly offer great economies of scale and redundancy but are more vulnerable than private cloud setups credited their high levels of accessibility.

Private Cloud

Personal clouds use pooled services and infrastructure stored and maintained on the private network – whether physical or virtual – accessible by only one client. The clear benefits for this are better levels of security and control. Cost benefits must be sacrificed to some degree though, as the enterprise in question will have to purchase/rent and keep all the necessary software and hardware.

Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests, a mixed cloud combines both general population and private cloud elements. A hybrid cloud allows a company to increase their efficiencies; by making use of the public cloud for non-sensitive businesses while by using a private setup for hypersensitive or mission critical businesses, companies can ensure that their computing setup is ideal without paying any more than is essential.

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