Moving to cloud – what sort of resistance can you expect from your organization?

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April 2, 2018
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February 27, 2019

Moving to cloud – what sort of resistance can you expect from your organization?

Pertaining to the organization changes how it attacks a business problem, fairly for these changes to be strike with resistance. Information Technology is no exception. Moving over from traditional servers, storage space, and other on property IT equipment to impair versions of these services often triggers resistance from leadership, finance, IT, and end users. Here’s a look at departments and types of resistance THIS often hears when making the change to cloud:

Leadership and Finance – It’s so expensive. Aren’t you make do with what we have? This seems much more complex than what you’ve been doing. Isn’t it riskier?
Info Technology – But coming from always done it because of this. You’re trying to remove me personally and reduce staff headcount. I will not have anything interesting to work on anymore.
End users – What’s wrong with how we’re doing it now? I don’t want anything to change. Really hard enough now. So why do some of all of us want to make it harder?
How would you preemptively treat this resistance?

By building a business case for the change involved in moving to the cloud. The business case is critical to your success. This document should immediately address challenges in your business and tie the functional IT changes and its particular outcomes to address the challenges. Examples include:

Controlling risk by reducing recovery time, increasing application performance, and meeting compliance regulations
Minimizing IT project backlogs and time-to-service by reducing the keep-the-lights-on IT maintenance work
Helping the leadership and finance teams by effectively quantifying the incremental costs of specific projects
Responding to the ongoing trouble selecting and retaining IT facilities staff
Filling skills spaces with existing staff to improve service levels
A few of these may seem to be simplistic or obvious. But you must hook up the dots from business requirements to THAT projects so all departments can evidently see the benefit. If you do not hook up the dots, leadership, finance, THIS, and your owners will default to most effective, least meaningful comparison of old versus new – price.

And, some cloud services just don’t address your organization’s specific business requirements. Choosing the right cloud for the task is the best foundation to creating a winning business case.

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