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CloudITfy is the one company who can really release your IT into the cloud, whether its compute power your business craves, disaster
recovery or simply hosting part or all of you business online we have the skills and experience to provide this service to you.


What we do

CloudITfy have been fortunate that we have been involved with customers who have been forerunners in cloud adoption, involved in some of the first G Suite roles outs (when it was still Google Apps), Office 365 (when it was exchange online). Providing full redundant DR environments in Amazon cloud long before Azure was thought about, we have truly been there and done that!

We have developed out own appliances which are for sale on AWS, VoIP Phone Server, Router and OpenVPN appliance, these are all appliances we have found are missing from the marketplace, simple to use appliances. As we have developed them for customers we can also provide support for these if required for your business.

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Case Studies

April 2, 2018

Moving to cloud – what sort of resistance can you expect from your organization?

Pertaining to the organization changes how it attacks a business problem, fairly for these changes to be strike with resistance. Information Technology is no exception. Moving […]
April 2, 2018

Cloud Strategy

Migrating your company’s IT structure to the cloud can be a daunting activity, but since technology and the IT industry advance, it can be a job […]
March 30, 2018

Should Your Enterprise Go The Hybrid Cloud Way?

Cloud infrastructure allows enterprises to discard costly on-premise resources in favor of the flexibility of an elastic environment. But many are still hesitant to entirely replace […]

CloudITfy set up G Suite for email and cloud phones for my business. They explained clearly how it all worked and were available to happily answer any questions I had. I couldn't fault the process, it was clear, quick and easy to follow.

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February 27, 2019

CloudITfy launch the first Domotz AMI

CloudITfy are proud to launch the first Domotz AMI available on AWS. This is available for free and can be found with immediate effect on the […]


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